Our used boots

Many may think twice about purchasing used boots, from our statistics this is mostly from the following:

"I don't want to wear boots someone else has"

"Why would I buy a used pair when I can just get a new pair"

"They won't last long they are old"

To reassure these concerns we introduce you to the Boot Supplier Repair System. Approximately 75% of boots sourced through us, enter this process with the goal to bring them to a like-new condition. The severity of damage varies between different boots therefore some boots require longer repair times than others, however this does not effect the price oof your boots?

What does the Boot Supplier Repair System consist of?

All boots that enter this system receive a thorough wash with products that penetrate deep into the materials of the boot to deeply cleanse all dirt and marks. Acceptionatley formulated glues are used to solve sole separation, however this is rarely the case. Visible marks are buffed out including the bottom of the boot and are wiped down to leave a nice shine. Lastly our popular and highly valued bacterial and odour spray's and used to leave our boots smelling fresh and clean. 


The benefit you gain from purchasing with us is you are still getting boots from your favourite brands with your favourite designs, however you are getting them slightly under the retail price in acceptable condition!


Please Note: Our team works very hard to make all boots feel and look brand new, however due to natural occurrences sometimes it is inevitable to ensure all damage is fixed.

If you would like to know more about why we encourage purchasing pre-loved boots and how it is environmentally beneficial head to our Sustainability page.

We like to be open and honest with our customers about how their boots are handled to ensure they are purchasing quality boots and feel confident when purchasing with us. To give our customers an insight of these cleaning and repairing processes, we consistently post new content on TikTok sharing how we bring our boots to their optimum quality and prove our profession and skills. If you would like an opportunity to view this yourself, head over to our TikTok page @bootsupplieraus

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