At Boot Supplier, we promote environmental legislation in order to ensure long-term sustainability for future generations. Our company specialises in recycling unwanted boots and restoring them to their best condition using our repair process. We invest a lot of effort to provide our customers with high-quality boots that they will enjoy and get great wear out of. By purchasing our boots, you can help us minimise pollution levels by reducing the number of boots manufactured in factories causing toxic gases to flood our environment and prevent disposal in landfills.

Why should I buy 'pre-loved' boots? 

The manufacture of boots places multiple impacts on our endangered environment starting from its production to its disposal.

Studies have shown that Nike alone sells 780 million pairs of shoes each year eliminating the amount of shoes that are manufactured altogether. Major companies rely on machining processes to produce these crazy numbers of shoes, however, this results in the large emissions of leather and carbon emissions (CO2). Reports have shown that shoe manufacture is responsible for 1.4% of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions worldwide and just your sneakers alone, generate 30 pounds of CO2 emissions which can light a 100-watt light bulb for a week. 

The consequences of having these pollutants present in our atmosphere is the rise of climate change, affecting rising sea levels, drought, a decrease in food and species as well as many more. Unfortunately, if global warming continues, Earth only has the life expectancy of 10 years which will apply major pressure to our children of future generations. 

At Boot Supplier we aim to leave a positive foot print by supporting environmental change and stability and we encourage our customers to join us on this journey. By joining us today you can help build an empire towards saving our globe and save future generations from suffering inevitable changes to the environment that make our world unliveable. 

By purchasing a pair of 'pre-loved' boots, you are reducing one less shoe manufacture and one less boot entering landfill. Think about it, if we all recycled our boots this could help prevent millions of boots polluting our Earth and although it may not be solving pollution overall, it still makes an impact. Due to our high-standard mindset of having the boots of the ultimate quality, however why not set a goal today to be more open minded about purchasing some of our boots?